Chesapeake High School Graduation Banners
Its time to order your graduation banners to celebrate your graduating senior. The banners are 18 x 36 with the background photo of Chesapeake High School. You can include a picture of your graduating senior, maybe thier first school photo or any picture that you want to. Just attach the photo to the order form and it will be returned to you with your banner. You can email us your photo as well.  The banner will include grommets so it is easy to hang. The cost of your personalize banner is just $45
Please return the order form and money to your class advisor, Ms. Rogers
or Mrs. Nichols, or to any of your class officers by April 15th. Please make
checks payable to Chesapeake High School.

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 Tell us what you want to say on your banner:

Students Name as it will be on banner
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E-mail  to send proof to
Are you emailing us photo to use
If yes, email:  
Sending photo to us via mail
Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.

Revised: June 16, 2011 .